The stereoscopic camera in action. Three sheets of acrylic sandwiching a four camera circuit.

Multicolor view of the day's workspace.

The front acrylic plate has four holes that allow the cameras to capture their images.

Side view of the acrylic and electronics sandwich.

The back reveals the circuit, the battery, and the shutter release button.

Grocery shopping. Taken with a film based stereoscopic camera.

Stereo Camera

an investigation of digital stereosc photography


We see in stereo. We have two eyes and each one captures its own image as we navigate the world. Our brains wire the two images together providing visuals rich with depth and texture.

t if our cameras could see the way we see? They can - we simply need to add lenses.

This is an investigation in how to build a digital stereoscopic camera.


The pictured prototype is built around four cameras that simultaneously capture photos when the shutter release button is pressed. Each captured photo has a slightly different viewpoint than the other three in the set.

In the physical world we can link different viewpoints into one image using lenticular printing. On the web, we can achieve a similar effect using an animated GIF.

Build your own

You'll need to grab four cameras and wire them to an SD card using an Arduino microcontroller.

The Arduinio source code is available through a dual MIT/GPL license on GitHub.

I've also bundled the templates I used to laser cut the acrylic plates. Enjoy.

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