The studio, track, cart, and grooved casters

360° Portrait

a 360° view of my hand in a fun, draggable interface


A person uses their hands to interact with the world. To feel it. To understand it. To alter it. Everyone's hands are unique. This project captures my right hand, in 360°.


This portrait is built using 33 different pictures chained together using a JavaScript library.

The images come from a normal Nikon DSLR camera mounted to a tripod that was pushed around a circular track. While the photos were taken, my hand was kept fixed in the center.


The track is made of PEX tubing. Two ten foot pieces fitted together into a circle. It's important to get thick PEX tubing, at least an inch in diameter.

The dolly is a 16" x 32" piece of plywood with three 3" casters screwed to the bottom. Only two casters run on the track with the third running in the center, inside the circle for balance.

I had to purchase casters and wheels separately. The wheels that run on the track are grooved out, kind of like a U. They were purchased from a camera shop online.

Version 2.0

The results could have been better. In version 2.0, I'd build a track that pivots around a center point in the ceiling. I'd also get a good lighting kit and use a white backdrop.

I want to iterate on this project. If you have a space and interest, let's collaborate.

Check it out

This description isn't half as interesting as the thing itself.

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